Manufacture, sale and service of professional Vacuum Forming Machines

The main priority is the quality of machines


Formv manufactures machines with a simplified design. At the same time, the quality of the parts produced is high. Using only the necessary components for manufacturing, it turned out to reduce the cost of the machines. We offer equipment options from simple molding tasks to professional batch production.

  • Working experience
  • Result of work
  • Choice quality

Today, vacuum molding machines FORMV work in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, India. Our clients include both large private companies and Public Product Company, as well as educational institutions.


Our advantages

On the basis of technical design documentation, qualified specialists successfully produce Vacuum Forming Machines. As a rule, a team of experienced specialists takes part in the development of one new machine. These include:

  • automatic control system engineer
  • CAD-designer
  • manufacturing engineer
  • CNC operators
  • circuit installer
  • sales manager
  • warehouse worker and supervising manpower

If necessary, the work of our specialists is coordinated by the ERP system and other programs to improve their work. The production is subject to strict control over the technological process and improved production units.

Today, our machines successfully perform their tasks in India, Poland, Russia, Latvia and Ukraine. Our business partners are operating educational organizations, government agencies and various private firms.

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The activities of our specialists, if necessary, are regulated by the ERP system and other programs to improve. Vacuum forming machines are made on the basis of proven technologies and a large amount of specific experience. More than five hundred ideas in the field of vacuum molding of modern plastic sheet have already been successfully implemented. Our company provides product development services from the design stage to the finished product. Personnel responsibly approaches the implementation of each task and performs complex technical tasks.

Equally important is the convenient equipment and the use of the necessary options for different products. We are able to forming plastic on our own machines and optimize the functionality of machines.

Regular operation allows to improve the functionality of the forming units offered to customers.

We offer for our customers an extensive selection of vacuum forming machines to complete their tasks. Customers can always choose the type of industrial equipment they need.

Contributes to the production of the necessary equipment for customers and the implementation of the tasks they need - serious experience in vacuum plastic forming.