Manufacture, sale and service of professional Vacuum Forming Machines

  • Forming area от 600 * 600 до 1000*2000 mm
  • Max. Material Thickness up 4 mm.
  • Depth of forming up to 300 mm

V - series features

The machine is designed for molding:

● simple products;
● products of medium complexity;
● products of high complexity;
● negative matrices (inverse);
● preliminary blowing of plastic;
● work with roll material (automatic plastic rolling and trimming)

This vacuum machine is suitable for companies that are planning to continuously produce products. Vacuum forming machines of this series are suitable for basic tasks. Fast changeover of the forming field minimizes changeover times. Also, the machine allows you to expand its functionality by adding options, even after its release.

Our advantages

Why we

The equipment meets international standards of quality and safety. Have certificates of EAC.

Our unique equipment is unique in the Union of Independent States. Along with this, its cost is 2 - 3 times lower than the European one with the same functionality.

We provide a full guarantee including on all knots and accessories of machines for a period of 12 months. We provide service in all countries where the equipment is sold on time.

Components have the highest quality mark and are purchased from world-famous manufacturers: Siemens, Festo, Delta, Schneider, etc.

Our employees, who work directly on the creation and improvement of molding equipment, improve their skills in the field of innovation of vacuum forming machines every year.

We supply equipment to the customer ready for operation, as well as teach the principles of operation and operation.